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How DontPort Works ?

DontPort works like any other carrier. We provide you with a SIM Card that you can put in your phone. We’ll replace your existing monthly plan with ours on a carrier of your choice. If you like AT&T, you can simply use AT&T. If you like T-Mobile, you can use T-Mobile. We have an agreement with all 4 major carriers in the USA. We use their networks to provide the best coverage that you’ll love.

Our core competency is providing the military grade protection against any kind of SIM hack. DontPort’s protections can be thought of a series of firewalls that exist to protect your SIM card.

We’ve insured our system with a $2 Million USD worth of loss coverage to provide every user with a peace of mind. If you’re an enterprise, we perform complimentry on-site security audits.

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Terms of Service

Terms of Service 1. Terms By accessing the website at, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of service, all applicable laws and

Report Bugs & Vulnerability

Bugs & Vulnerability Report Program DontPort Security Page Content At DontPort LLC (hereinafter referred to as “DontPort”), we take securityseriously and we are committed to